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Today Lyrics- Blanca

Today Lyrics Blanca You’re wondering if you should go for it Asking when it’ll be the right time Questioning if you have what it takes But He will give you strength Don’t be held down by your regrets Don’t let fear steal your every breath He is with you with every step So take every […]

Greater Is He Lyrics- Blanca

Greater Is He Lyrics Blanca I face a giant In over my head Help me to look up I take a deep breath And take the next step Though I may be weak I know who is with me [Chorus:] And greater is He living in me Than he who is in the world Whatever […]

Worry Lyrics- Blanca

Worry Lyrics Blanca Sometimes my mind is my own worst enemy Sometimes my eyes trust only what they see But have You ever run out of faithfulness Have I ever needed more and gotten less No, You always come through so [Chorus:] I won’t worry What tomorrow brings Your love’s got a hold on me […]

Forever Love Lyrics- Blanca

Forever Love Lyrics Blanca Your love is a dream My heart’s skip skippin’ Got me straight trippin’ And I’m endlessly fallin’ for you With you next to me We stay fly like a rocket Can’t nobody top it ‘Cause you know you got your game on fleek Got me weak, SWV You don’t even need […]

Catching Fire Lyrics- Blanca

Catching Fire Lyrics Blanca You could be the coldest star You could be a work of art You could be a diamond undiscovered in the dark You could be the mystery That’ll change history You could be that buried treasure Don’t be afraid to show them who you are This is the moment you’ve been […]