Catching Fire Lyrics- Blanca

Catching Fire Lyrics

You could be the coldest star
You could be a work of art
You could be a diamond undiscovered in the dark
You could be the mystery
That’ll change history
You could be that buried treasure

Don’t be afraid to show them who you are
This is the moment you’ve been waiting for

You, you’re catching fire
I can see it in your eyes
Just a spark, it will ignite you
You’re catching fire
Like a flame inside the night
Light it up, you’re burning bright
You, you’re catching fire

If we just believe
Then we will see
There’s a light meant to shine in you and me
Never let ‘em blow it out
Never let ‘em put you down
Don’t try to keep it undercover

Don’t be afraid to show them who you are
This is the moment you’ve been waiting for


You will never know
Until you try
Go, go for it
You could be surprised
What you dream
Could become your life
In time, in time



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Catching Fire Lyrics- Blanca

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