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Top Christian Movies Perfect to Watch

Are you looking for a Christian movie to watch? Below is my collection of some of the best Christian movies that will definitely touch your heart. Previously, I wrote about the “Top Movie Collection for Kids” and now, I’m going to share with you my collection that is perfect for grown- ups. Enjoy!

456850: October Baby, DVD 1. October Baby, DVD
By Provident Music Distribution

When Hannah collapses during a college play, she’s rushed to the hospital, where medical tests reveal the underlying cause—trauma suffered at birth. Soon afterward, she discovers another shocking fact: she was adopted after a failed abortion attempt. Bewildered and angry, Hannah goes in search of her birth mother. Will the truth set her free? Rated PG-13. Dove approved (12+). Widescreen. Approx. 109 minutes.
Bonus Features:

  • Commentary from the Erwin Brothers and the October Baby Family
  • October Bloopers
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Finding Hannah
  • Shari’s Story
  • Gianna Jessen: The Inspiration
  • Singing the Praises of October Baby
  • Q&A with Rachel and Jason
  • Every Life Is Beautiful Stories
  • The Afters “Life Is Beautiful” Music Video
  • English and Spanish Audio
  • English and Spanish Subtitles
548896: The Grace Card, DVD 2. The Grace Card, DVD
By Provident Films

Witness the transforming power of forgiveness! When Mac loses his son in an accident, his grief sabotages his career on the police force and makes for a combustible situation when he gets a new partner—part-time pastor and “rising star” Sam. How can they work together in life-threatening situations when they can’t see eye-to-eye on anything else? Rated PG-13. Approx. 101 minutes.

Bonus Features:

  • Courageous Opening Scene
  • Commentary with David Evans, Associate Producer Lynn Holmes, and actor Michael Joiner
  • 26-minute Starting a Grace Awakening: Behind the Scenes featurette
  • Missing Grace Deleted Scenes
  • Give a Little Grace Outtakes
  • Healing Begins Tenth Avenue North music video
  • Wayne (Stephen Dervan /Fireproof) Returns featurette
012997: The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry, DVD 3. The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry, DVD
By Christiano Film Group

Best buddies Dustin (Jansen Panettiere), Albert (Frankie Ryan Manriquez), and Mark (Allen Isaacson) are twelve year old boys looking forward to a summer of fun in 1970. When Dustin mows the lawn of seventy-five year old Jonathan Sperry (Gavin MacLeod), a man he has seen at church, a unique friendship develops. What happens the rest of this summer is something Dustin and his friends will never forget! Dove approved. Rated PG. Approx. 96 minutes.

Special Features:

  • Behind the Secrets
  • Rich Christiano-Gavin Macleod Commentary
  • The Houses of Jonathan Sperry
  • Interview with the Composer
  • Special Message from the Director
  • Spanish Translation
  • Trailers and Promos
  • Closed Captions
642588: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, DVD 4. The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, DVD
By GT Media

Single mom Jennifer Cullen had become a modern-day Scrooge. But when her Uncle Ralph comes to visit, he brings along a new friend he met on his flight—nomad and jack-of-all-trades Morgan Derby. Forced to play hostess for the holidays, Jen must learn how to “do” Christmas. Will Morgan be able to teach her—and soften her heart? Starring Henry Winkler, Brooke Burns and Warren Christie. Approx. 86 minutes.

155690: Christmas Angel, DVD 5. Christmas Angel, DVD
By Pure Flix

Every year, Olivia Mead and her classmates present their list of impossible Christmas wishes. But this time, something unusual happens—their dreams start coming true! Will Olivia’s desire to have someone she can call “Dad” also become reality? And is the reclusive old woman living in an abandoned house actually an angel who’s behind it all? Dove approved. Closed captions. Approx. 98 minutes.

197577: Courageous: Exclusive Collector"s Edition, DVD 6. Courageous: Exclusive Collector’s Edition, DVD
By Provident Music Distribution

The latest movie from the creators of Fireproof! Police officers Adam Mitchell, Nathan Hayes, and their partners are brave men well-equipped to deal with hardened criminals. But when they remove their badges, they face a more daunting challenge—fatherhood. As their children drift away from them, can these stalwarts find a way to defend and protect those nearest and dearest to them—and draw closer to God? Rated PG-13. Approx. 129 minutes.

DVD Features:

  • Widescreen
  • Languages: English 5.1 (Dolby Digital), Spanish
  • Subtitles: English, Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog, French, Vietnamese, German, Korean

Special Features:

  • The Making of Courageous
  • Commentary By The Kendrick Brothers
  • Deleted Scenes
  • OUTRAGEOUS: Outtakes & Bloopers
  • Courageous In 60 Seconds
  • Heart Of Courageous
  • The Story of My Father

Exclusive Collector’s Edition Features*:

  • Casting Crowns “Courageous” Music Video
  • A Church of Prayer
  • The Importance of Fathers
  • Role of a Lifetime: Rev. Daniel Simmons
  • Mark Willard: Ministering Through Music
  • Erin Bethea: Serving Behind the Scenes
  • Sherwood Pictures Retrospective
  • Sherwood Volunteers

* Additional features available only on Collector’s Edition

103339: Fireproof, Special Collector"s Edition DVD 7. Fireproof, Special Collector’s Edition DVD
By Provident Music Distribution

Fireproof, the latest film from the creators of Facing the Giants and Flywheel, is now available on DVD! Starring Kirk Cameron, the Fireproof movie portrays the inspiring love story of a firefighter, his wife, and a marriage worth rescuing. At work, Capt. Caleb Holt (Kirk Cameron) lives by the old firefighter’s adage: “Never leave your partner behind“. At home, he lives by his own rules. His job is to rescue others. Now Caleb Holt has to face his toughest job ever, rescuing his wife’s heart. Rated PG. Approx. 119 minutes.

Bonus Features:

  • Making of Fireproof
  • Commentary from the K. Brothers
  • Fireproof Study Guide
  • Rescued Clips: Deleted Scenes
  • Trailers
  • Fun Features:
    Fireproof in 60 Seconds
    ◊ Firegoofs: Outtakes
    ◊ Wayne on Wayne Mockumentary
    ◊ Firehouse Pranks: On-Set Fun!
  • Ministry Tools

Exclusive Collector’s Edition Features:

  • Filming A Movie en 30 Days: Fireproof Video Blog
  • Wayne’s Firehouse Commentary
  • Fun with Mr. Rudolph
  • Casting Crowns Music Video: “Slow Fade”
  • Safe Eyes

DVD Features:

  • English, Spanish, Portuguese Language (Audio)
  • English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Korean, and Arabic Subtitles
  • English Closed Captions (for the hearing impaired)
  • Widescreen
723194: A Holiday to Remember, DVD 8. A Holiday to Remember, DVD
By Wesscott Marketing

After a rocky divorce, Caroline Giblin (Connie Sellecca) could use a fresh start. With her bags packed and her reluctant daughter by her side, she sets out for her quaint hometown of Mayville just in time for Christmas. Caroline finds that not much has changed back home, including her one-time fiancé Clay Traynor (Randy Travis), who is as stubborn as ever. When Caroline and Clay discover a young boy named William squatting in the basement of her grandmother’s former house, Caroline wants to let him stay, but Clay is reluctant and secretly contacts the authorities, causing the two to return to their old, bickering ways. Will Caroline and Clay remain at odds…or will this be A Holiday to Remember? Approx. 90 minutes.

001394: The Encounter, DVD 9. The Encounter, DVD
By Pure Flix

Stranded in the middle of nowhere, five strangers take refuge in a deserted roadside diner. An arrogant businessman, a lonely woman, an estranged couple, and a teen runaway, they appear to have nothing in common. But the Christlike proprietor seems strangely all-knowing and offers more than temporal nourishment. . . . Stars Bruce Marchiano and Jaci Velasquez. Dove approved. Closed captions. Approx. 85 minutes.

702899: Facing the Giants, DVD 10. Facing the Giants, DVD
By Alex Kendrick / Provident Music Distribution

Created by a church in Georgia to evangelize non-believers and encourage believers, this inspiring story about a losing high school football coach with a new game plan will have your whole town talking about trusting God for the impossible! After six consecutive losing seasons and fear surrounding his life, coach Grant Taylor turns to God in desperation. Taylor and his Shiloh Christian Eagles soon discover how faith plays out on the field and off! Rated PG. Approx. 112 minutes.

DVD Features:

  • Region 1, Closed Captioned, Widescreen
  • English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Thai Languages
  • English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai and Chinese Subtitles
  • Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Feature: “The Facing The Giants Story”
  • Commentary from the Director, the Producer and Screenplay Co-Writers
  • Small Group Study Guide Featuring Scenes from the Movie
  • Fumbles and Funnies: Outtakes
  • Cut from the Team: Deleted Scenes
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Interview with Mark Richt, University of Georgia Head Football Coach
  • Interview with Michael Catt, Sherwood Baptist Church Senior Pastor
  • “With You” Music Video
001370: What If... DVD 11. What If… DVD
By Pure Flix

Middle-aged Ben happily pursues his materialistic goals—until a visit from an angelic mechanic throws a “wrench” into his worldview! When the angel permits Ben to see the man he would have been had he followed God’s call to marriage and the ministry, will the glimpse of what he’s missing remind him of what he truly wants? Dove approved. Rated PG. Approx. 118 minutes.

Special Features

  • Behind the Scenes
  • Commentary
  • Trailers
000491: Pilgrim"s Progress: Journey to Heaven, DVD 12. Pilgrim’s Progress: Journey to Heaven, DVD
By Drc Films Llc

Praised as “powerful” and “life-changing”, this modern adaptation of John Bunyan’s classic is a film you won’t want to miss! With plenty modern visual effects Pilgrim’s Progress: Journey to Heaven brings to life a story that has inspired generations since its first publication. Follow Christian in his allegorical journey from the City of Destruction to the gates of heaven and be encouraged in your own walk with the King of kings. Approx. 103 minutes.

DVD Features:

  • Director’s Commentary
  • Director and Special Effects Team Commentary
  • Special Message from the Director
  • Surround Sound 5.1
  • Widescreen
  • Close Captions
Winner of the “Classic Gold Telly” of the 30th Telly Awards

445879: Love Begins, DVD 13. Love Begins, DVD
By Fox Faith

The heartwarming family drama that unfolded before the Love Comes Softly series… laying the groundwork for everything that followed! When Ellen and Cassie Barlow lose their father, they have difficulty maintaining the family farm. Will hired worker Clark Davis prove to be a troublemaker—or a godsend? Stars Julie Mond and Wes Brown. Dove approved (12+). Approx. 88 minutes.

DVD Features:

  • Widescreen
  • Closed Captions
  • English and Spanish Subtitles
398456: Time Changer, DVD 14. Time Changer, DVD
By Christiano Film Group

The year is 1890 and Bible professor Russell Carlisle (D. David Morin) has written a new manuscript “The Changing Times.” His book is about to receive a unanimous endorsement from the board members of the Grace Bible Seminary until his colleague Dr. Norris Anderson (Gavin MacLeod) raises an objection. Dr. Anderson believes that what Carlisle has written could greatly affect the future of coming generations. Using a secret time machine, Anderson sends Carlisle over 100 years into the future, offering him a glimpse of where his beliefs will lead. Rated PG (for thematic elements). Closed-captioned. Approx. 90 minutes.

Bonus Features:

  • 53-Minutes Documentary
  • “The Making of Time Changer”
  • Promos/Trailer
  • Director/Actor Commentary
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Scene Selections
  • Spanish Language Version
  • A Special Message from the Director
388213: Last Ounce of Courage, DVD 15. Last Ounce of Courage, DVD

After his son’s death defending America, Bob Revere loses his passion for life. But when his grandson is threatened with suspension for bringing a Bible to school, he takes a stand for freedom and reintroduces Christ into Christmas. Accused of violating the Constitution, can Bob reignite the faith of this small community—or is it too late? Dove approved. (PG-13.) 101 minutes.

640392: The Derby Stallion/Thicker Than Water, Double Feature DVD 16. The Derby Stallion/Thicker Than Water, Double Feature DVD
By Echo Bridge

Break out the popcorn—it’s a double feature! In The Derby Stallion, 15-year-old Patrick meets a horse trainer who encourages him to enter the Derby Cup. Can he beat the town bully? And in Thicker Than Water, a faded photograph leads Natalie Jones to a bittersweet discovery about her late father’s past. Dove approved (12+). (PG.) Approx. 3 hours total.

002491: Amazing Love: The Story of Hosea, DVD 17. Amazing Love: The Story of Hosea, DVD
By Bridgestone Group

Steve, Carrie, Cooper, and Gameboy are looking forward to their youth group trip. But when a confrontation occurs between Carrie and Ashley—a newcomer with a bad attitude—the spirit of fellowship is broken. Seeking a resolution, their leader Stuart (Sean Astin) shares the story of the prophet Hosea. Will the powerful tale of love help heal the girls’ resentment? Dove approved. Widescreen. Approx. 80 minutes.

321403: Hachi: A Dog"s Tale, DVD 18. Hachi: A Dog’s Tale, DVD
By Affirm Films

When a college professor develops an unbreakable bond with an abandoned dog, they set off on an unforgettable journey that inspires the hearts of an entire town! Starring Richard Gere, Joan Allen, and Jason Alexander, this film—based on a true story—embodies the spirit of family loyalty. Bonus features includes “A Bond of Loyalty” – The Making of Hachi: A Dog’s Tale. Dove approved. Widescreen. Rated G. Approx. 93 minutes.

148960: Mrs. Miracle, DVD 19. Mrs. Miracle, DVD
By Affirm Films

As Christmas approaches, widower Seth Webster needs help. When he advertises for a housekeeper, Emily Merkle comes knocking at the door—and changes everything. With two rambunctious 6-year-olds, a heartbroken father looking for new love, and a Yuletide pageant to prepare for, she’s got her work cut out for her—and proves to be more than a run-of-the-mill nanny! 90 minutes.

If you’re looking for a movie that is not on my list, you can use the search box below to find it. Just type the title and click go.
Top Christian Movies Perfect to Watch