Walking In The Light Lyrics- Amy Grant

Walking In The Light Lyrics
Amy Grant

The sun woke me up real early,
It’s a beautiful morn
‘Cause I’m goin’ down to the river
To be reborn
Now me and Jesus did some heavy
Talkin’ last night
So I’m going down to be dipped and
Come up walkin’ in the light

So I’m going down to the river
Real early this morn
Jesus said, through Him we can
Be reborn
And oh the joy that’s come
Inside me
Laughter fills my night and
Fills my day
With a song of love to guide me
And the happy words you send my way

Life with you has made me feel
The miracle of makin’ melodies
Just a simple wonder when you’re walkin’ in the light


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Walking In The Light Lyrics- Amy Grant

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