What It Means Lyrics- Jeremy Camp

“What It Means” Lyrics
by: Jeremy Camp

I’ve been here a thousand times before
Face down on the floor
Wondering how I even reached this place again

But, You have shown so endlessly, how Your love pours over me
No picture can re-create the beauty that I see

Show me what it means, to live my life a sacrifice
If only I would realize how much it took to pay the price
I know I’d always give, everything to You

I want this world to see
Your perfect majesty
Reflecting from my life this brilliant poetry

Written all over this place
The signs of all creation that You breathed
Words can’t even state how much You mean to me


I want to face my very crime
Of not giving all of mine
But I can feel the hope You bring to me



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What It Means Lyrics- Jeremy Camp

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