Who Makes The Rules Lyrics- Steven Curtis Chapman

Who Makes The Rules
By: Steven Curtis Chapman

Well, I’ve been watching us very close,
And I guess the one thing that’s been bothering me the most,
Is when I see us playing by the same rules that the world is using.

Well, I’ve been listening to the things that we say,
And I, I hear us mention words like fortune and fame,
And it makes me wonder if we’re sure about the side we’re choosing.
That’s why I’m asking you

Who makes the rules for me and you,
When it’s wrong or right is it black and white?
Who makes the rules for me and you;
It’s our life at stake so we better know who makes the rules.

When I see people just like you and me,
Trying to live out the pictures they see on TV;
Gotta have a new car, new clothes, new love when they get tired of trying.

Well, I’ve been reading ’bout a different way,
Talking ’bout dying to live and losing to gain;
Seems like somebody’s telling us the truth and somebody’s lying.
I wanna know who.


Two voices are calling out to you;
You’re serving the one you’re listening to,
So, tell me who, somebody tell me who.


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Who Makes The Rules Lyrics- Steven Curtis Chapman

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