Wing as Eagles- Ron Hamilton Lyrics

“Wings as Eagles” Lyrics

by: Ron Hamilton

When the race still lies before me,
and the wind is blowing strong,
when the witnesses surround me,
and my strength is almost gone;
when the valley plunges deeper,
and life shatters all my dreams,
then I life my voice to Jesus,
and He gives my spirit wings.
God gives wings,
God gives wings as eagles;
God gives wings to fly and strength to rise above.
God gives wings,
God gives wings as eagles,
when my feet begin to stumble,
and my dreams begin to crumble,
I mount up on eagles wings.
Let us run the race with patience,
let us lay each weight aside,
Looking only unto Jesus;
He will be our faithful guide.
He has run the race before us;
He has won the victor’s crown.
And He calls to every Christian.
Follow me to higher ground.


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Wing as Eagles- Ron Hamilton Lyrics

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