All Right Lyrics- Amy Grant

All Right Lyrics
Amy Grant

Looking out to the hills
To the setting sun
I feel a cold wind
Bound to come
Another change
Another end I cannot see
But your faithfulness to me is making it

All right
I fall down on my knees
Tell me that it’s all right
You give me what I need
Years of knocking on heaven’s door
Have taught me this if nothing more
That it’s all right, what may come

I’ve heard it said
When the river’s running high
You get to higher ground or you die
Well muddy waves of pain
Washed over me
And it only made me see it’s gonna be


When will I learn there’re no guarantees
What strengthens hope, my eyes have never seen
But it won’t be long
Till the faith will be sight
And the heavens will say
It’s all right



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All Right Lyrics- Amy Grant

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