Blessing & Honor Lyrics- Victory Worship

Blessing & Honor” Lyrics
By: Victory Worship
Album: Rise Heart

Words and Music by Elizabeth Broocks,
James Murrell and Rebecca Simmons
Key: A Tempo: 75 BPM
© 2015 Every Nation Music, 84Media

To the One
To the Lamb
To our King upon the throne
To the Christ
To Our Savior
To the risen Son of God

Blessing and honor
Glory and power
Salvation belongs to our God
Blessing and honor
Now and forever
Salvation belongs to our God

To our Hope, our Redeemer
For the sacrifice You made
From our hearts to the heavens
For Your glory we proclaim


Blessing and honor
Blessing and honor

So holy
So worthy
So great is Your name
That the earth will adore You
And shout out Your fame


Blessing and honor
Blessing and honor


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Blessing & Honor Lyrics- Victory Worship

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