Ruler Of Nations Lyrics- Victory Worship

Ruler Of Nations” Lyrics
By: Victory Worship
Album: Rise Heart

Words and Music by Paul Barker,
David Moore and Tamara Monk
Key: E Tempo: 74 BPM
© 2015 Every Nation Music, 84 Media

No majesty that we would look upon Him
Despised by men and made to die
No beauty that we ever would desire
Tears of sorrow filled the Savior’s eyes

Death could not hold You, You overcame
The power of darkness
The power of the grave

Victorious King, Savior of all
Risen in glory, hope of the world
Ruler of nations, the heavens resound
Creation adores You, and we will bow down

The weight of every sin was on His shoulders
With every blow we were on His mind
His Father turned His face till it was finished
As His suffering servant gave His life



I was unworthy, so undeserving
Yet You made me free
It’s so amazing that this King would
Do this for me


Creation adores You, and we will bow down


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Ruler Of Nations Lyrics- Victory Worship

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