Bebo Norman

I Hope You See Us- Bebo Norman Lyrics

I Hope You See Us By: Bebo Norman Lyrics: Instead of fear, instead of blinded eyes Instead of shame, instead of all my lies Instead of an orphan without a name I hope you see Jesus Instead of anger, instead of unbelief Instead of weakness in the heart of me Instead of a wounded soul […]

Holy, Holy, Holy Lord- Bebo Norman Lyrics

Holy, Holy, Holy Lord By: Bebo Norman Lyrics: Holy, holy, holy Lord God of power and might, Hosanna Holy, holy, holy Lord, holy, holy, holy God of power and might Heaven and earth are full of Your glory Hosanna in the highest, hosanna in the highest Blessed is He who comes in the name of […]

Joy To The World- Bebo Norman Lyrics

Joy To The World By: Bebo Norman Lyrics: Joy to the world, the Lord is come Let earth receive her King And joy to the world, the Lord is come Let earth receive her King Let every heart prepare Him room And heaven and nature sing And heaven and nature sing And joy to the […]

Mary’s Prayer- Bebo Norman Lyrics

Mary’s Prayer By: Bebo Norman Lyrics: Sleep baby Jesus, close Your weary eyes Hide Yourself in faithful dreams before You live Your life And slip away to Heaven and rest in gentle peace Never to awaken the Lord Your soul to keep ‘Cause Your feet will walk on water Your eyes will pierce the dark […]

Never Saw You Coming- Bebo Norman Lyrics

Never Saw You Coming By: Bebo Norman Lyrics: I am the lonely, the ones who slip away I am the secret, the words we dare not say I am the promise I’m about to break again I am the leader who cannot find the way I am the preacher who somehow lost the faith I […]