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Bebo Norman

Christmas Time Is Here- Bebo Norman Lyrics

Christmas Time Is Here By: Bebo Norman Lyrics: The days are getting cold It’s warm inside our homes Family drawing near Christmas time is here So I’ll say ‘Merry Christmas’, I’ll wish peace to you I’ll hope for the hopeless, your dreams come true And I’ll pray for the laughter, I’ll sing through the tears […]

Where I Am Saved- Bebo Norman Lyrics

Where I Am Saved By: Bebo Norman Lyrics: Laying flat upon my back All the world in motion Everything goes by so fast I feel like I’m frozen After all is said and done Did I fail to mention Everything I haven’t done? All my good intentions This is my holy hour This is my […]

Silver Bells- Bebo Norman Lyrics

Silver Bells By: Bebo Norman Lyrics: City sidewalks, busy sidewalks Dressed in holiday style In the air There’s a feeling like Christmas Children laughing, people passing Meeting smile after smile And on every street corner you hear Silver bells, silver bells It’s Christmas time in the city Ring-a-ling, hear them ring Soon it will be […]

Born To Die- Bebo Norman Lyrics

Born To Die By: Bebo Norman Lyrics: They never knew a dark night Always had the Son’s light on their face Perfect in glory, broken by the story Of untold grace, come that day Majesty had come down, glory had succumbed now To flesh and bone In the arms of a manger, in the hands […]

Here Goes- Bebo Norman Lyrics

Here Goes By: Bebo Norman Lyrics: Never got anywhere By running away Never learned anything Without anything Without a mistake Never loved anyone By playing it safe It’s a long way, but I’m right here now, so Here goes nothing Here goes everything Gotta reach for something Or you’ll fall for anything Take a breath, […]