Building 429

We Won’t Be Shaken Lyrics- Building 429

“We Won’t Be Shaken- Building 429” This world has nothing for me This life is not my own I know You go before me and I am not alone This mountain rises higher The way seems so unclear But I know that You go with me so I will never fear I will trust in […]

War Zone Lyrics- Building 429

“War Zone- Building 429” We are in combat for our lives We fight and we fear that we won’t survive And our only hope now is laying our weapons down And falling into Your arms My faith is worn and my hands are tired My heart is torn between the truth and the lyin’ So […]

Walls Are Coming Down Lyrics- Building 429

“Walls Are Coming Down- Building 429” I’m where I don’t wanna stay Close enough but far away There is just too much at stake I don’t want to miss the moment of embrace, yeah, I don’t wanna stand at an arm’s length From the hands that are reaching to save me Right here right now […]

Waiting To Shine Lyrics- Building 429

“Waiting To Shine- Building 429” God I’ve always wondered what You look like Lord I’ve always waited staring at the sky But the heavens remained quiet As they drift along in peace Sometimes they’ve turned to thunder Still the echoes always cease How I long to get home Lord I hope it won’t be long […]

Unashamed Lyrics- Building 429

“Unashamed- Building 429” I am unashamed I am unashamed I’ve been down and broken But I believe what you’ve spoken You make all things new I’ve witnessed your mercy Stirred up all of your glory And none compared to you I can’t help but speak of the things you’ve done So let my life proclaim […]