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France Joli

Tough Luck Lyrics- France Joli

Tough Luck Lyrics France Joli Lying all alone and thinking of Me Do you feel lost? Like you don’t know where to turn without Me Nothing owns your way anymore Seems that everything is worse than before You can’t face another day without Me That’s tough luck All your friends stay tall Still it feels […]

The Heart To Break The Heart Lyrics- France Joli

The Heart To Break The Heart Lyrics France Joli How could you have the heart to break the heart? I loved you so, I don’t know How could you hurt the one that cared so much for You? How could you be so cruel? I’m here talking to myself Wishing You were here to help […]

This Time I’m Giving All I’ve Got Lyrics- France Joli

This Time I’m Giving All I’ve Got Lyrics France Joli This time, I’m giving every part of me Not afraid to open up and let You see Deep inside where no one has come You’re reacting me, you’re the first One This time I’m giving every inch of me Heart and soul, the way it […]

Come To Me- France Joli Lyrics

Lyrics: Come to Me When You’re all alone and feeling down Come to Me When there’s nobody else around Come to Me I’m still waiting, opened armed for You Come to Me Cause I will comfort You When You’ve no one to turn to I will be here just for You Come to Me When […]