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You’re Faithful (To Me) Lyrics- Lecrae

Right now I wanna say how much you’ve changed my ways, when I look back on yesterday. It’s been a long journey, for the lessons I’m still learning but I can’t forget the difference you made. I could have been sleeping in my grave, but you reached down from heaven and made a way, it’s […]

Wish It Wasn’t True Lyrics- Lecrae

Uhh, you I, umm, I know I just got out of rehab, but uh, I actually need to be checked back in. Yeah. I didn’t think this was gonna happen to me… man… Feel like I’m back in that dark place Somewhere in between a rock and a hard place And I ain’t doin nothin’ […]

Wish Lyrics- Lecrae

[Verse 1:] Yeah I wish I never held back Wish nobody had to sell crack Then I may have seen my dad a little more Maybe I can dream a little more But I still wishing on stars in the sky Wish a lot of people was alive And I probably passed on a whole […]

Who U Wit Lyrics- Lecrae

[Verse 1:] You know I’m still on a mission, man, I’m still gon’ be spittin ’til I spill my intentions and you got saved and was reppin’. Then you strayed from the message, now you stay half-steppin boy. It’s real. Yeah, people still dyin, still cryin on the inside, Satan still lyin. Still tryna show […]