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I’m Turnt Lyrics- Lecrae

[Verse 1:]
Check it
Look at me I’m all the way turnt up
I ain’t smoking but my homie in here burnt up
Yeah, I’m working on him, But he straight though
Couple girls trying to twerk it on me, wait- no
No, hold up
Before you even roll up I’m in here with my lady
Can’t you see me man? I’m sewed up
Man I’m in here trying to celebrate a birthday
And you know I’m well aware it’s a work day
No matter, we still gon’ kick it
And we ain’t getting trippy, no molly in my sippy
Ain’t fighting nobody, ain’t nobody set tripping
It’s Southeast Diego in the building
Shout-out to Peter Pan, Skyline Imperial
We out here trying to function, holler if you with it though
Prolly think I’m rolling, I’m just high on the spirit bro
The only thing we popping is the truth, you don’t hear me though

They prolly think I’m rolling, I ain’t on nothing
They prolly think I’m rolling, I ain’t on nothing
They prolly think I’m rolling, I ain’t on nothing
But what I got you need to know about cause homie

[Bridge: x8]
I’m turnt (I’m turnt)

[Verse 2:]
Everybody slow-motion leaning off the potion
I tell em I’m straight trying to keep my mind focused
Came 40 deep cliqued up, crew love
Got em’ looking at us crazy cause we so turnt up
Yeah homie I’m turnt, I’m turnt, I’m turnt, I’m turnt
I ain’t popping, rolling and I ain’t burnt
So tell Mary and Molly I don’t need em’ to party
Someone woke up in the lobby trying to locate they wallet
While I’m nine holes in trying to work on my hobby
And I wish somebody would get me started
Aye deuces up to Nipsey, K-dot and Game
I’m out here in the west gone and holler at me man
My blood stream clean, nothing running through my veins
It’s 116, yeah I’m still Unashamed
I call it network if I’m out here fishing
You know I’m with clique and man we out here tryna kick it



I’m Turnt Lyrics- Lecrae