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I’m A Saint Lyrics- Lecrae

Yeah they tell me sugar coat it, dumb it down but I can’t
Might as well could deny the Jesus and be ashamed but I ain’t… I’m a saint
Til the day I see the grave I’m going hard in the paint
It’s the only We hope we got dats why I’ll die for the faith I’m a saint

[Verse 1:]
Used to be where I could only trust me and myself
And then that Heavy
Metal devil that could send em straight to he’ll with it
Thought it
Was no helping it my selfishness was celibate I sell a bit but I make
Sure I don’t sit up in that cell a bit
I’d yell a bit but only when
Hurt came for certain
Illiterate ain’t know that the word came
Then that that light hit me and unblinded me
Jesus paid a price me

That’s how I gained the right ta be the son of God I’d like to be

Changed my heart and gave me a desire for his work mayne
Kill me if you want but
I’m gone get back out that dirt mayne
Not yet what I’m
Gonna be but not what I used to be
Bless his name forever who would
Chose me and start using me
Used to love my sinning fulla greed fulla
I might say that I love Jesus
But that talk was really fake
Be lustin for ya cousin if it wasn’t for his Grace
Yeah he took me outta
Nothin and he made ya boy a saint

[Verse 2:]
You got to understand Jesus agreed back in eternity to sign a bloody covenant and take a deadly turn for me
He ain’t just agree he fulfilled it to the death of em
He took that bloody cup that’s meant for us str8 to the neck
And yeah he swallowed all that bitterness
That pain and affliction
Ain’t a soul in hell with pain comparable to this one
Brought me to repentance
Homie I’m blood purchased
And daily I’m conformed to his holiness so I worship
Jesus finished the work
He resurrected on High
That means he beat death and best believe so will I
See some believe they can fly
But I believe I can die
Resurrect leave the earth
And live forever with God
He will march through the sky while the stars sing his praises
The planets dance around and the universe is amazed
And me I get to gaze upon his beauty for days
Man if I could be anything baby I’d be a saint

[Verse 3:]
You might think I’m crazy like some kinda urban misfit
But first I
Hated church I’d only pray to give my wish list
I’d be just like you
Doing my dougie in the club folk
I promise I ain’t it choose it I was chosen to loved on
Eyes low blowing dro that’s the life I used to
But Jesus chopped me up and slowed me down just like that
Houston flow
A dead man until somebody hit me with the hardest facts
The Gospel hit my heart I guess that’s what you call a heart attack

I’m looking at Ephesians 2 like what did Jesus see in you
His grace he chose to love on folk like me and u
And I don’t
Understand it homie I Neva planned it
I was chasing money and fast
Women and man
Then I met the great I am
Son of man
Or the lamb

Snatched ya boy up outta hell
And got working for his plans
Used think I was the man
Til I met em
All that arrogance and pride I dead em and fo’get em
I’m a SAINT!

I’m A Saint Lyrics- Lecrae