Finish What He Started Lyrics- MercyMe

I don’t have to know you To know that you will go through Hard times It’s just part of life Don’t let that moment blind you Don’t let it define you Take heart That’s not who you are Our God is able More than capable To be faithful To the end He’ll finish what he […]

Greater Lyrics- MercyMe

Bring your tired Bring your shame Bring your guilt Bring your pain Don’t you know that’s not your name You will always be much more to me Everyday I wrestle with the voices That keep telling me I’m not right But that’s alright Cause I hear a voice and he calls me redeemed When others […]

Gotta Let It Go Lyrics- MercyMe

Brand new Is that person in the mirror looking back at you It’s true But you can’t see it cause you’re stuck on what you’ve been through You got that White knuckle, red faced Kung fu grip on all your chains But that’s not who are I’m here to let you know You gotta let […]

Welcome To the New Lyrics- MercyMe

Got to live right Just stay in line You’ve heard it all at least a million times And like me you believed it They said it wasn’t works But trying harder wouldn’t hurt It sounds so crazy now But back then you couldn’t see it But now here you are Eyes open wide It’s like […]

Shake- MercyMe Lyrics

“Shake” Lyrics by: MercyMe Lyrics: I just can’t believe Where my life was at All that I know is that my heart was broken And I don’t ever wanna go backAin’t no explanation How I saw the light He found me and set me free And it brought me back to life Blame it on […]