Cry A River Lyrics- Amy Grant

Cry A River Lyrics
Amy Grant

Who knew love would come walking thru my door
Turn a light on somewhere down inside
Give me a feeling I’d never had before
It was a long wait
It was just the wrong time

But I hope you’ll hold me now
Somewhere within
And when you think about
What might have been

Cry a river
Flood the sea
Cry a river over me
Take the bitter
With the sweet
And cry a river over me

How do you argue with a feeling in your bones
‘Bout what is and what isn’t meant to be
Some things you live with
And you never let it show
Like the pain I felt
The day I watched you leave
But I hope you’ll think of me
When tender winds blow
Sit on the shores of love
And just let it go



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Cry A River Lyrics- Amy Grant

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