Curious Thing Lyrics- Amy Grant

Curious Thing Lyrics
Amy Grant

There was this guy, He was down on his luck
He was truly poverty’s child
Well, he had no home and he had no car
And he wore a weary smile
Moved out to L.A., knocked around for awhile
But he was going nowhere
Then he did this movie and it did really well
Now he’s a millionaire

You see life is a curious thing
You see life, ooh life, is a curious thing
I know a man who could paint the town red
Had a college degree in fun

‘Til the doorbell rang and long lost flame said
“This little boy is your son”
Gave him a suitcase and a bear
Left them in a cloud of dust
Now he’s checking out schools and driving car pools
Learning to adjust
He says life is a curious thing, yeah
You see life, ooh life is a curious thing

Well I know that it can be demanding
I know that it can be unkind
I don’t really understand it
But, Lord sure knows I try
See life is a curious thing, yeah
See life, ooh life, is a curious thing

Let me tell you ’bout a kid I knew
A pudgy girl back in school
She had greasy hair and geeky glasses
The object of ridicule
The other day in the check out line
They were ringing up my rice and beans
There she was just a pretty little face
On the cover of a magazine


Just goes to show that you never know
Just what tomorrow may bring
But I’ll tell you this that what it is
Is seldom what it seems



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Curious Thing Lyrics- Amy Grant

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