Different Light- Big Daddy Weave Lyrics

“Different Light” Lyrics
by: Big Daddy Weave

I used to think that everyday before the day I met You had been wasted time
And there are places on that tape that I would so quickly erase if could just rewind

But that’s not who I am anymore
Cause there’s no after without before

I see it in a different light
Now I understand the story of my life
Why You brought me to right here where I am tonight
I see it in a different light

I took so many steps that led to nothing but regret and I still wear the scars
But all those pictures in my past now they’re reminding me of just how beautiful You are

Oh those old songs have a brand new sound
And oh my whole life’s feeling new somehow

I see it in a different light

(Music & Lyrics: Mike Weaver / Don Chaffer / Jeff Pardo)


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Different Light- Big Daddy Weave Lyrics

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