If You Died Tonight- Big Daddy Weave Lyrics

“If You Died Tonight” Lyrics
By: Big Daddy Weave

I don’t have it all together
Sometimes I find myself asking why oh why
But I know we don’t have forever
So I’d be a fool to let this moment pass us by
So at the risk of sounding crazy let me ask you

If you died tonight, where would you be
Where would your soul spend eternity
Jesus gave His life
If you’d just believe it changes everything
If you died tonight

You can call me narrow minded
But I believe that in your heart there lies the proof
And if you look down deep you’ll find it
An empty place that is pointing to the Truth
You can hear His voice inside you
Gently asking

Say I need You
I can’t live without You
Come and fill my life with Your glory, God

(Music & Lyrics: Mike Weaver / Carl Cartee)


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If You Died Tonight- Big Daddy Weave Lyrics

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