Falling Down- Bebo Norman Lyrics

Falling Down
By: Bebo Norman

Angels on a subway
She’s buried in a magazine
Stuck inside a replay
Of someone else’s dream

Prophets made of paper
Don’t tell her anything
She wants something just to save her
So she lifts her head and screams
She lifts her head and screams,

“I don’t know you
But I love you anyway
I can’t see you
But I hope you’re here to stay
I don’t know you
But I need you here with me
Cuz I’m falling down
I’m falling down”

Now angels on a runway
Looking for a big jet plane
To take her to a new day
She won’t be back again
She won’t be back again
And she says,


You’re on my side
You’re just in time
I’m on my way
Don’t know who you are
But I want you back again



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Falling Down- Bebo Norman Lyrics

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