Forever Man Lyrics- Newsboys

Forever Man Lyrics

I wanna go higher, higher
Set it free
There’s gotta be more to touch
Than what I see
There’s a reason we must be
For the love of God, speak it to me

Good news for the modern man, yes it is
Made by the creator’s hands, yes he is
Confirmed just who I am
Here I stand
The forever man

It’s gotta be higher, higher
Let it be
Carry on from this life’s brevity
When this mortal coil is twisting
With the love of mercy carry me

Sometimes we lose our sight
Open our eyes
No secret here
Heaven is near

Good news for the modern man, yes it is
Eternity in the heart of every man
Confirmed just who I am
Here I stand
The forever man

And the longer I live
The stronger I feel a creator put us here
And the day will come, gravity will run
And we’ll meet you in the air
Where face to face we will wonder
As the mysteries come undone
And at the end of all our travels
We find our journey’s just begun

Here I stand
It’s who I am
Here I stand
Forever man


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Forever Man Lyrics- Newsboys