Giggle Lyrics- Amy Grant

Giggle Lyrics
Amy Grant

Giggle, giggle if you want to
But I know it’s still true
That He’s always gonna’ love me
So just laugh out
If you think I’m uncool
Playin’ the part of the fool
‘Cause I love Him, don’t you know that I love Him…
Well, I do
When I see somebody cryin’
Some person who’s real mean
I want to quickly walk right by him
But I’ll stop for You, Dear Lord but…
Must I hug him real tight now
He smells so bad I’ll faint
What will my friends think if they see me
Kill my pride… I can’t


When I’m in a sticky situation
Sitting in a class at school
Everybody’s talking evolution
No one talks of You
My hand goes up, I don’t wanna be too pushy
My arm, it feels like lead
But there is such a joy they’re missing saying “God is dead.”


So giggle, giggle if you want to


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Giggle Lyrics- Amy Grant

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