Got To Let It Go Lyrics- Amy Grant

Got To Let It Go Lyrics
Amy Grant

All my lifetime plans
Got’ em in my hands
Balancing my fate upon a wire
Got to let it go
Everywhere I turn I see
There’s nowhere left to go
All my dreams are far
Too much for me to hold
Still I hate to drop them
Weren’t they from you
What did I do
You alone can see
Into the heart of me
Am I really givin’ up tomorrow
Got to let it go
This is gonna hurt a little
Still it’s right I know
Even though I fear
Too much of me might show
I can’t wait any longer for it
I’ve had enough
I’ll give it up

Lord, here’s my heart, I’ve been keepin’ it from you
And I’ve got to let it go
Holdin’ on just brings me worry
Got to let it go
Come and take it from me, hurry
Got to let it go
Got to let it go
Got to give up all of my control

Holdin’ on too tight
Where do I lose sight
Where’s the line that seems to bring frustration
Got to let it go
The best of dreams can turn to nightmares
When my heart takes hold
How long must I learn
This lesson’s getting old
I’ve got to catch a clearer vision
I’m in your hand
You’re in command



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Got To Let It Go Lyrics- Amy Grant

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