I Love A Lonely Day Lyrics- Amy Grant

I Love A Lonely Day Lyrics
Amy Grant

T.V.’s off at 1:00 a.m.
One more day alone again
The road gets longer everyday
Why’d I have to get away
But I have found a comfort here
Solitude can be so dear
Loneliness is not so blue
When it puts my mind on you

I love a lonely day
It makes me think of you
All alone, I can easily find your love
I love a lonely day
It chases me to you
It clears my heart
Lets my very best part shine through
It’s you

Lonely people everywhere
Lucky, lonely ones who care
You’ve got all you need and more
Someone to be lonely for
Someone cries for you to hear
Take your heart and wipe their tear
Give them someone they can miss
Give them love and sing them this



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I Love A Lonely Day Lyrics- Amy Grant

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