Unafraid Lyrics- Amy Grant

Unafraid Lyrics
Amy Grant

Woke up this morning
With you in our bed
Going over and over
Everything you said
Who talk you how to speak
The words that you say
I’ve always wanted to
Be talked to that way
Love has made
Has made you unafraid

Watching my children
Finding their way
Thru struggles and triumphs
And heartbreak
I hope the roads they take
Are making them strong
I’ll still be on my knees
Long after they’re gone
Love has made
Love has made
Love has made
Has made me unafraid

My lovely mother
Is getting on in years
And the way her body’s aging
Brings her girls to tears
The way she trembles with
Each effort she makes
She just says Heaven’s
Getting closer each day
Love has made
Love has made
Love has made
Has made her unafraid

Love could make
Love can make
Love will make
Make you unafraid…

Unafraid Lyrics- Amy Grant

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