If You Say Go Lyrics- Blanca

If You Say Go Lyrics

I’m standing on the edge of the ledge
So afraid of falling
Unsure, insecure, how could I
Be the one You’re calling

But I can hear Your voice
I know You’ve brought me here
And I will make the choice
To believe and not fear

If You say go, I’m not gonna wait
If You say move, I won’t hesitate
Wherever it is that You’re taking me to
I’m gonna trust in You
If You say go

Every thought, every goal, every dream
Can’t compare to Your plans
So every breath, every need, everything
God, it’s all in Your hands

I can hear Your voice
I know You’ve brought me here
And I will make the choice
To believe and not fear


You’re before me, behind me
Everywhere You’re with me
I know I’m never, never alone
So wherever You lead me
God, that’s where I’m gonna be
If You say go



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If You Say Go Lyrics- Blanca

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