Lord of All- Victory Worship Lyrics

“Lord of All” Lyrics
By: Victory Worship
Album: Radical Love

Words and Music by Jose Villanueva III
© 2014 Every Nation Music

I surrender, I will yield
I will bow down, I will live
I will seek You all my days
I will follow all Your ways

‘Cause You are my only One
You are my only One

I want to live for You
Be glorified forever
My life will declare
You alone are Lord
Everything of me
Use it for Your glory
That everyone will see,
Will hear, will know
You are Lord of all

I will worship, I will praise
I will lift up Your Holy Name
I will give You all the glory
All the honor, due your Name



BRIDGE 1 (2X):
Here I am Lord mold me
Here I am Lord use me
Here I am Lord send me
For Your Glory

Here I am Lord mold me
Here I am Lord use me
Here I am Lord send me
For Your Glory



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Lord of All- Victory Worship Lyrics

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