Love Can Do Lyrics- Amy Grant

Love Can Do Lyrics
Amy Grant

Who can say
Why she turned and walked away
I can’t see
But she’s gone away
Sometimes love
Means we have to stand and fight
Everybody runs
Everybody hides
No this ain’t the movies
Now it’s flesh and blood
And there’s one thing I’m sure of

Hey little girl running out so fast
Gotta stay put for love to last
Why you gotta say
That love has gone away
It’s not like that
Everybody hurts when the feelings fade
If you want ’em back
You know you gotta stay
No running
Love’s coming back
Like only love can do

Love can do
Things you never thought it could
Mend a hurt so bad
Make you feel so good
Love’s for fools
Wise enough to take a chance
Hear the music play
Let me see you dance
No this ain’t the movies
Now it’s give and take
And it’s your heart at stake


Hey little girl running so fast
Looking for the love you’re sure will last
Why do you have to say it
Love has gone away
It’s not like that
Love’s not like that



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Love Can Do Lyrics- Amy Grant

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