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Love Has Come Lyrics- Amy Grant

Love Has Come Lyrics
Amy Grant

Hurry now wake up your eyes
Time for little ones to see
Daddy’s got a big surprise
Hiding there beneath the Christmas tree
How they are like the child in me
See the wonder in their eyes
Like a fairytale come true
One more time I realize
All the love our lives found in you

Love has come
For the world to know
As the wisemen knew
Such a long time ago
And I believe that the angels sang
That hope had begun
When the God of Glory
Who is full of mercy
Sent His Son

If I could have a special dream
Coming true on Christmas morn’
I would want the world to see
How His Father smiled when Christ was born
The greatest gift the world has known
So come on kids, look high and low
For all the toys you’ve dreamed to find
But I believe you’ll never know
A greater joy than Jesus’ love inside

[Chorus 2x]

Love Has Come Lyrics- Amy Grant