Miracle of Mercy Lyrics- Steven Curtis Chapman

Miracle of Mercy
By: Steven Curtis Chapman

If the truth was known and a light was shown
On every hidden part of my soul
Most would turn away, shake their heads and say
“He still has such a long way to go”

If the truth was known you’d see
That the only good in me
Is Jesus, oh it’s Jesus

If the walls could speak of the times I’ve been weak
When everybody thought I was strong
Could I show my face if it weren’t for the grace
Of the one who’s known the truth all along?

If the walls could speak, they’d say
“That my only hope is the grace
Of Jesus, the grace of Jesus”

But, oh the goodness and the grace in Him
He takes it all and makes it mine
And causes His light in me to shine
And He loves me with the love that never ends

Just as I am not as I do
Could this be real, could this be true?
This could only be a miracle
This could only be the miracle of mercy


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Miracle of Mercy Lyrics- Steven Curtis Chapman

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