More Wonderful Lyrics- Aaron Shust

God of unending grace, I come to You on my face
I need to hear You speak to me, won’t You make me new right now
God of omnipotent power, visit us in this hour
And may we leave here changed because we1ve met with You, God

You’ve been more wonderful to me than I could have ever imagined
You’ve shown more love than I could show in a thousand years
And although it seems at times like it all means nothing to me
You gotta know that I love You
You gotta know that I need You

God of wisdom and love, settle down from above
Give us all a taste of what Your Holy Spirit can do
Time and time again we’ve betrayed, but our debt’s already been paid
And all that leaves me wanting is to live for you, God

When the world crashes down around me
I know You’ll be there to pull me out from the rubble
When my enemy surrounds and I call on your name
You1ll be there to deliver me from my troubled soul

Rescue me from all my selfish ways
and thoughts and deeds and plans
Lead me in the everlasting way
and I will follow you there


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More Wonderful Lyrics- Aaron Shust

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