Runaway Lyrics- Aaron Shust

I would leave My world behind
Give up everything that’s mine
If I could know you
I would leave behind My home
Enter your world all alone
If I could find you
It doesn’t matter if you run away
It doesn’t matter if you hide
I would leave my world far behind
This love inside of Me; it’s never gonna die
And I don’t care how far away you roam
No I don’t care how far away you roam
I’ll come running out with open arms to welcome you back home
I’ll come running out with open arms to welcome you back home
I would love to see our name
Engraved upon a picture frame
On my mantle

I would love to see your face
Every morning as you wake up
To see Me
I just wish that I could talk to you
Because I love you more than life


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Runaway Lyrics- Aaron Shust

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