My Samoa Lyrics- The Katinas

On a small volcanic island
Population fifty plus thousand
One main road by the oceanside
Mountains so green
Under a big blue sky

Palm trees are swaying side to side
They’re always waving
When I wake up in the morning
I can hear the mothers praying

My Samoa
Island people calling
My Samoa
Where the son is always shining

Just imagine season never changes
And the love is always flowing
This is my Samoa
More beautiful than any
Place you’ve ever seen

Quite naturally it’s so calm and serene
Faith in God is the Common ground
We’re all family
Can you hear the sounds?

The ocean flows and seawinds blow
On the homestead of my soul
There’s no place I’d rather be
Then the islands of my dreams

O ce e lalelei
It’s yu that I adore
Ou te alola la te ce
I love you so much

Said I’ve finally realized
That it’s almost paradise
This is where i come from
My Samoa (repeat)


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My Samoa Lyrics- The Katinas

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