Nobody Home Lyrics- Amy Grant

Nobody Home Lyrics
Amy Grant

Main street U.S.A. boarded up and dry
Knowing what once was here just makes me want to cry
Used to be the favorite place, yeah
Now what remains are memories even time cannot erase

Old man Johnson’s store, where we grew up too fast
All that remains today are echoes from the past
Used to be a booming town, yeah
Now all that’s left is either boarded up or broken down

Singing, oh ah, oh ah, oh ah, oh
Where we used to belong
There ain’t nobody home
Said, oh ah, oh ah, oh ah, oh
You can knock all you want
But, ain’t nobody home

Packed up, moved away, running from the past
Leaving behind the dusty dreams and broken glass
Used to be a busy town, yeah
Now everybody passes through, but they don’t stick around


Was a newsstand on the corner
Right next to the barber shop
And down the street there
That’s where all the kids would stop
And they would tease the neighbor’s bulldog
Laugh and run away
And now there’s no one left
Who knows the truth in what you say



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Nobody Home Lyrics- Amy Grant

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