Out There Lyrics- Steven Curtis Chapman

Out There
By: Steven Curtis Chapman

I talk to you, you talk to me
We speak in our own language
These common truths that we believe
Are like a warm, inviting fire we gather round

But there’s a danger lurking here
Inside our place of comfort
We’ve got to go out in the dark
Cause there’s a hungry heart
That’s longing just to know
That someone cares enough to go

Out there
Someone needs a friend
Who’ll walk against the wind
To a place that’s strange and unfamiliar
Out there
Where all of us have been
Until love brings us in
So who will dare to go and be a friend
Cause someone really needs a friend
Out there

So we’ll sing for you
You’ll sing along
We’ll let this song remind us
Poor, hungry beggars all are we
Invited to a feast
That none of us deserves
Filled to go to love and serve

[Repeat Chorus]

Somewhere out beyond the sweet sound
Of amazing grace
Someone needs to see God’s love
And mercy face to face

[Repeat Chorus]


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Out There Lyrics- Steven Curtis Chapman

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