Out In The Highways Lyrics- Steven Curtis Chapman

Out In The Highways
By: Steven Curtis Chapman

There’s a chapel on wheels parked at a truckstop,
Somewhere in the southern part of Florida tonight;
Many are blown in by a strong wind:
It’s the wind of the Spirit.

There’s a preacher with his head bowed
There at the altar,
Whispering a prayer as the people wander in,
Sayin’ it’s You, Lord, that they’re lookin’ for,
Whether they know it or not,
And that’s the reason I’ve got to go

Out in the highways, out in the highways.
Maybe this will be the day they come to meet You on their way,
Out in the highways.

There’s a church down on the corner with stained glass windows,
But time has stained the windows till no light is shining through;
Those on the outside pass right by,
Lost on a dark endless highway.

There’s a banner on the church wall
They put up many years ago,
Reminding them that Jesus said ‘Go into all the world’;
They need the Spirit wind to blow again
And fan the flame of concern,
Take the truth that they’ve learned and go

Out in the highways, out in the highways.
Open windows, doors and hearts, take the light into the dark,
Out in the highways.


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Out In The Highways Lyrics- Steven Curtis Chapman

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