Overnight Lyrics- Amy Grant

Overnight Lyrics
Amy Grant

So, you’ve handed in your resignation,
Contemplatin’ why nothin’ turns out right.
A little fed up with all the disappointments,
So what’s the point in wastin’ any time?

It’s only temporary, so what’s your hurry?
No need to worry. Don’t you know that,

If it all just happened overnight,
You wouldn’t know how much it means?
If it all just happened overnight,
You would never learn to believe
In what you cannot see,
What you cannot see.

I feel like pace is at a standstill.
Do I wait till it falls into my hands?
A long highway ahead, gettin’ started.
Steady hearted, is what I think I am.

There’s somethin’ to be said for experience.
Who knows what’s ahead. Keep on goin’.


(Take it a day, a day at a time)
One foot in front of the other,
(Take it a day, a day at a time)
No need to hurry, hurry.
(Take it a day, a day at a time)
It won’t happen over night.
It won’t happen over night.

Have a little faith,
(Have a little faith)
Must appreciate,
(Must appreciate)
Every single day,
Don’t give up, no.


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Overnight Lyrics- Amy Grant

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