Say You’ll Be Mine Lyrics- Amy Grant

Say You’ll Be Mine Lyrics
Amy Grant

Do you wanna be in love forever
Do you wanna make my dream come true
Let me be the one to kiss and hold you
Say you’ll be my baby
Can you see the two of us together
Living in love this whole life through
Do you wanna be in love forever
Say you’ll be mine

I can remember
When my mind was clear and free
Now there’s a feeling
Coming over me
The sweetest attraction
That my heart has ever seen
I’m going crazy making sense of everything


I really wonder
Is there magic in your smile
Taking me under
Got me acting like a child
Something about you
Hits me like an avalanche
I try to stand my ground
But I don’t stand a chance


Every time I close my eyes I dream about
Hugging you, holding you, kissing you boy
It’s driving me crazy
But even if it takes forever
To win your heart and your love and your devotion
I know it’s gonna be worth the wait



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Say You’ll Be Mine Lyrics- Amy Grant

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