Sons and Daughters- Bebo Norman Lyrics

“Sons and Daughters”
By: Bebo Norman

Tonight I dreamed that I could not catch my breath
Tonight I dreamed that you were gone
And I could feel the ocean pound against my chest
In this world on my own
This frozen world…alone
But if you must go away
WOuld you find no words to say
Would you steal my heart away
Please don’t go, but I know along this way

We’ve seen the miracles
And the long road
And the breath that blows across the water
We’ve seen the last line
Of a failing time
But these friends of mine are sons and daughters
Sons and daughters

Underneath a clouded sky we found a home
The mountains rising from the sea
And the falling rain washed us clean and healed our souls
The waters rise but then they fall
I close my eyes, and our summer’s gone
And now you must go away
And should you find no words to say
And should you steal my heart away
I would let it go, because I know along this way


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Sons and Daughters- Bebo Norman Lyrics

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