Stay For Awhile Lyrics- Amy Grant

Stay For Awhile Lyrics
Amy Grant

Long time since I’ve seen your smile
But when I close my eyes
I remember
You were no more than a child
But then so was I
Young and tender

Time carries on
I guess it always will
But deep inside my heart
Time stands still

Stay for awhile
Well it’s good to see Your smile
And I love your company
Stay for awhile
And remember the days gone by
For a moment it can seem
Just the way it used to be

Snowfalls, phone calls, broken hearts
Clear summer days
Warm and lazy
Long walks, long talks, after dark
We vowed we’d never forget
Now it’s hazy

Time takes its toll
And time alters our view
It would be nice to
Spend some time with you



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Stay For Awhile Lyrics- Amy Grant

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