Stepping In Your Shoes Lyrics- Amy Grant

Stepping In Your Shoes Lyrics
Amy Grant

Like it or not
Life is ours for the living
Only one shot
What’s the advice you’re getting
Work hard in school
Learn the good rule and
Try to make good for you

No one could see
Hanging within the balance
Helpless me
I only want help to hear me
Evil and light
Caught in a fight
They’re trying to capture me

But you cared about me now
Now and forever

There’ll never be anyone
Who can take the place of you
There’ll never be anyone
Giving it all to pull me through
There’ll never be anyone
Stepping in your shoes

Only through you
Sin on innocent shoulders
Could you undo
Darkness’ power to hold us
Once for all time
Choosing to die
I’ll never deserve you
And you cared about me now
Now and forever



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Stepping In Your Shoes Lyrics- Amy Grant

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