Sure Enough Lyrics- Amy Grant

Sure Enough Lyrics
Amy Grant

I’m laying it all out on the table
I’m telling you again what I’ve already told you before
My love is not a soon forgotten fable
My heart is not a box with a lock in a five and dime store

So there’s no need to question me and my feelings
Oh, wondering if I am sure
Ask me again and I’ll tell you the same
Over and over

Sure enough to never want to be without you
Sure enough to stay for good
Sure enough in every little thing about you
Sure enough

Developing the art of collaboration
It’s dinner and a movie and a baby or two
Now we are in the midst of a revelation
We’re doing what a modern world said we could not do

And even when our love is mellow and aging
Oh, even when we’re old and wise
And we know then what we don’t know now
Well, I know I’ll still be



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Sure Enough Lyrics- Amy Grant

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