TEN Dating Mistakes People Tend to Make

Dating MistakesThe dating game has changed over time and has become more complicated in the present. Because of some factors, one may be sabotaging one’s chances after a first date to enter into long term relationships. This is because of certain common mistakes committed by couples that prevent one from progressing beyond a first date.
The top ten dating mistakes made by people are as follows (in random order):
  1. Playing games: If you are not serious about your dates and are just leading them on, this will result in your repelling any good dates. This may be done for two reasons. First, you might be feeling scared of rejection and may adopt a remote and aloof stance which repulses your date. The solution is to strike a balance between your reserve and your interest so that you come across as a warm and loving person. The second reason why you play games might be to achieve your selfish ends like pretending to be serious about your relationship in order to get physically intimate. This is totally unhealthy and prevents you to have any genuine relationships.
  2. Getting late for dates: If you constantly turn up late for dates, you come across as an irresponsible person with no respect for your date. Being late is a sign of immaturity and insensitivity as you do not value the time of the person you are dating. You might have the perfect excuse for turning late but no self respecting person will put up with persons always late.
  3. Bringing up your ex: There is nothing more annoying on a date than bringing up a discussion on your ex. If you have stories to tell about how your ex treated you badly, reserve it for a later stage in your relationship. Belittling and insulting your ex in front of your present date will kill your present relationship. If you come across a person with heavy baggage, it will repel your present date.
  4. Trying to buy affection: Some people are under the impression that they can win affection and love by display of wealth and good looks. While it may work for a few people, most persons cannot be won over by expensive gifts and trinkets like jewelry. There is no substitute for genuine attraction felt for an impressive personality. Money may be an indicator for financial security but cannot make for lack of a loving and attractive personality.
  5. Being desperate: One must also not appear overly anxious about getting a second date or prolonging the relationship. Women especially should not bring up the possibility of a second date – a task which must be left to the man. Men also should not be over anxious like texting and messaging excessively after a first date.
  6. Bringing up money: Discussing money matters especially on a first date is totally De Rigueur. One should not ask your date how much he or she earns and what are his or her financial assets. Or else you come across as a gold digger. Discussing your financial problems is also not proper as he or she may suspect you are after his or her money.
  7. Dressing skimpily and consuming too much alcohol: Two things you can do to repel your date is to dress skimpily for dates and to get drunk over a date. Men with long term interest do not like skimpy clothes. You must not look like you have been picked up at a street corner. In place of appearing charming and fresh, getting drunk may make you look goofy and desperate.
  8. Making yourself too available: If you have not got anything going in your social life other than waiting for your date, you will come across as too available. Men and women cherish those who have an interesting life of their own which they might want to share rather than one who has a boring, interest free existence. A man might feel suffocated if you depend on him for making your life interesting and worthwhile.
  9. Too much fantasy about the future: If you fall in love easily and are euphorically over the moon about your relationship early in your relationship, chances are that your will trip and fall soon. Do not start planning about your wedding dress and how many babies you will have before you have consolidated your relationship. You need to get to know your partner well enough, in different situations before you start fantasizing about your future with him or her.
  10. Being intimate too fast: Even in this liberal world, men will not respect women who will get physically intimate too soon. He will think that getting into bed soon is a habit with you and may be repelled. Only people in love should get physically intimate.
These are the top ten dating mistakes committed by people today. Steer clear of these mistakes and you can find love with a great person.

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TEN Dating Mistakes People Tend to Make