The Mountain Lyrics- Steven Curtis Chapman

The Mountain
By: Steven Curtis Chapman

I want to build a house up on this mountain
Way up high where the peaceful waters flow
To quench my thirsty soul up on the mountain

I can see for miles up on this mountain
Troubles seem so small, they almost disappear
Lord, I love it here up on the mountain

My faith is strengthened by all that I see
You make it easy for me to believe up on the mountain
Oh, up on the mountain

I would love to live up on this mountain
And keep the pain of living life so far away
But I know I can’t stay, oh, up on the mountain

I said I’d go Lord wherever You lead
For where You are is where I most want to be
And I can tell we’re headed for the valley, yes we are

My faith is strengthened by all that I’ve seen
So Lord help me remember what you’ve shown me
Up on the mountain, yeah

You bring me up here on the mountain
For me to rest and learn and grow
I see the truth up on the mountain
And I carry it to the world far below

So as I go down to the valley knowing that You will go with me
This is my prayer, Lord, help me to remember what you showed me
Up on the mountain, up on the mountain

I cherish these times up on the mountain but I can leave this place
Because I know someday You’ll take me home to live forever
Up on the mountain, up on the mountain

Way up on the mountain, up on the mountain
Way high up I’ll be peaceful, I just wanna flow
Up on the mountain, the mountain, the mountain


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The Mountain Lyrics- Steven Curtis Chapman

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