The Only One- Big Daddy Weave Lyrics

“The Only One” Lyrics
By: Big Daddy Weave

Album: Every Time I Breathe
Lyrics By: Andy Cloninger and Mike Weaver
Music By: Mike Weaver

Lookin’ around at the world and her treasure
I know I should know better but I just wanna have it all right now
Lookin’ to take, I’m taken before I know it I’m gainin’
All that the world has to offer but losing my soul somehow

Now I’ve heard stories of fame and glory and all that they can bring me
But heaven sings of the deeper things like a humble heart diligently seeking

You are the only, You are the only one for me
For all my days
You are the only, You are the only one for me
Come and make me Yours forever

I heard You say that the thing about passion is where all the action is
Your heart ain’t trailin’ far behind
I’m makin’ a list and lookin’ at what I missin’ and at where I’m spending my time
Am I missin’ the one thing that I wanna find

But wise men prize what the fools call lies and the carnal call no fun
But I’m no fool to be craving You, to be wanting to be with the only one


Gonna step out into the light of day no more hiding in the darkness that holds me back
You can find me here on the narrow way and when they come askin’
I’ll just tell them that


The Only One- Big Daddy Weave Lyrics

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