The Water Lyrics- Amy Grant

The Water Lyrics
Amy Grant

Quicksand, my heart is sinking
I try to run but I can’t stop thinking
I’m climbin’ walls, I’m on the ceilin’
Its gonna take a miracle to heal me

I’m starin’ down into the quarry
I see a stone for every sorry
I’m on the edge, I’m goin under
And after I die I’m gonna rise from the water

I wanna blast off,
let gravity disappear
I’m tired of fallin, fallin, fallin
from the weight of fear
Come and lift me up
into the clean and clear
I’m waitin’ on you Jesus in the water here
So come and wash me clean

The sky is red, there’s blood on my hands
Cant deny, you’re clear where I stand
The burn of sin, I hear them shoutin’
Send me a river to drown this mountain


Wash me clean…
Let it wash me, let is wash me, let it wash me clean


I wanna blast off,
let gravity disappear
Come and lift me up,
into the clean and clear

Let it wash me, let it wash me, let it wash me clean


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The Water Lyrics- Amy Grant

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