Tip Of My Heart- Bebo Norman Lyrics

“Tip Of My Heart”
By: Bebo Norman

It’s on the tip of my heart, the words to say
But I fall apart and I walk away
There’s an angry world pressed against my back
And at every turn I keep looking back
And I know you promise me
Love through eternity
So why can’t I just hold on

I want to live, I want to love
But I’m afraid my simple faith will never be enough
I want to laugh, I want to be set free
And let you hold all that my soul has deep inside of me
But I don’t know where to start
It’s on the tip of my heart

So would you take my hand, because I’m sinking in
To this life I’ve made, but don’t understand
The clock moves so slowly, but time goes so fast
In this whirlwind world that will never last
This love you’re giving me
It’s not just make believe
Help me just to hold one
You open the sky, and open my eyes
And all my fears are scattered away
So I walk in grace, because I’ve seen your face
You are all that matters to me

So I’m gonna live, I’m gonna love
I’m not afraid because your grace will always be enough
I’m gonna laugh, I’m gonna be set free
And let you hold all that my soul has deep inside of me
You have shown me where to start
It’s on the tip of my heart


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Tip Of My Heart- Bebo Norman Lyrics

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